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Redbird Voter Tool Kit

The following resources are available for all members of the Illinois State community to utilize as they support and encourage election engagement.


Would you like someone to come to your meeting or class to talk about voter registration or other election information? Voter Engagement Coalition members and election interns would be happy to speak. Please use our presentation request form and someone will follow up with you.

Professional Development Opportunities

The Center for Civic Engagement compiled a list of current professional development opportunities related to civic education and/or voter engagement. These events are hosted by nonpartisan organizations.

In-Class Learning and Education Resources

Utilize these resources while planning classroom activities/assignments or co-curricular activities.

Faculty Resources

In-Class Resources and Activities

NOTE: It is a violation of Illinois election code to offer extra credit for students to register to vote or vote. Voter registration and voting cannot be incentivized. This is also an equity issue if students are not able to vote. An alternative would be a brief writing prompt or video response where students answer a question - What is an issue that is important to you and how could voting or other forms of political engagement help support your views? Why do you think some people register to vote and vote, while others do not? Describe your views on elections.

Visit the Voter Restoration page for additional resources and content related to voting access.

Videos and Webinars

Student Group and RSO Resources

Marketing Materials

Use these social media graphics and template posts to promote important election information.

Social Media Template Posts

Template social media posts to promote voter engagement

Facebook (1200 x 628)

Instagram (1080 x 1080)