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Every Voice Counts

Interested in participating in the election, but aren’t eligible to vote? YOUR voice matters and you CAN be involved!

  • Share your story (online or in person) and inspire potential voters to vote responsibly.

  • Help others register to vote. Sign up for a time to table with the Center for Civic Engagement or work with friends or an RSO to host a voter registration drive.

  • Use your platforms to amplify issues that matter to you. Whether it’s climate change or immigrant rights, you can have a voice in the issues as they pertain to political candidates. You can even create an issue guide for voters and share it with your friends and family.

  • Volunteer with a local, state, or national campaign. There are many opportunities to volunteer with a campaign; the Center for Civic Engagement can help you get connected.

  • Encourage your professors to have discussions around the issues, candidates, and civic education.

  • Attend campus debates or host an in-person or virutal debate watch party.

  • Volunteer to drive voters needing free rides to the polls.

  • Volunteer with the Center for Civic Engagement on Election Day to make voting as easy as possible for all Redbirds.

  • Get involved with campus political organizations or with a local organization such as the League of Women Voters.