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Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Positions

Alternative Breaks allows students the opportunity to grow in their leadership skills while also serving others.

Expectations for all Alternative Breaks student leaders

  • Good academic standing (2.0+), good disciplinary standing
  • Attend module meetings (Sundays, 6-8 p.m.)
  • Work with co-leader on reflection
  • Office hours, 1/week
  • Attend all pre- and post-trip activities
  • Represent AB positively. Be a role model!
  • It’s everyone’s job to recruit and retain
  • All applications for student leadership must have a reference form submitted for consideration. Please send this form to your reference to be completed.

Faculty/Staff Trip Advisors

Illinois State University faculty and staff are encouraged to take part in the Alternative Breaks program by serving as Trip Advisors. All trips are lead by students, but the Trip Advisors are onsite to help if needed. A minimum of one Trip Advisor is needed for every Alternative Breaks trip; large trips require additional advisors.

Trip Advisor Expectations

  • Follow all Alternative Breaks policies (distributed at Trip Advisor Training).
  • Fully participate in all trip activities.
  • Model positive behavior.
  • Do not take over for student leaders.
  • Set appropriate parameters with students. Do not enter a romantic relationship with a student.
  • You are not required to participate in activities past the scheduled nightly reflection; do not feel compelled to stay up all night with students.

Trip Advisor Duties

  • Educate students; share your perspective, knowledge, and life experiences.
  • Challenge students to learn more.
  • Support students in their learning and development.
  • Support student leaders and assist as requested.
  • Assist student leaders in urgent, difficult, or emergency situations.
  • Accompany student leader and affected student(s) to doctor’s office, prompt care, or hospital should a medical need arise.
  • Accompany student leader and impacted student(s) to the airport, bus station, or train station if they should need to leave the trip for any reason.
  • Carry the emergency cash or utilize your department PCard for trip expenses, if you are identified for that task.
Apply to be a Trip Advisor