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Risk Management

Risk is present everywhere and everyday. There is potential risk and uncertainty associated with students leaving campus and working on-site with a community organization. Risk management helps us to identify those risks and make plans to mitigate and manage the risks.


Community partners are strongly encouraged to conduct their own safety procedure training with all students working on-site. Community organizations can also work with their faculty partner to cover topics such as:

  • Transportation (routes to get to the organization, parking, bus routes)
  • Not going into neighborhoods alone
  • Building security, entrance procedures, after hours access
  • Storage of personal items
  • Expectations for working with vulnerable populations (photo posting, being alone with, confidentiality)
  • Procedures if an injury or incident occurs
  • Emergency procedures
  • Emergency contact information
  • Inclement weather
  • Dress code
  • Prohibited behavior/activities

If a student is conducting themselves in an unsafe manor and unresponsive to having that behavior addressed, contact your faculty partner.

Background Checks

In January 2018, Illinois State University implemented the Protection of Minors Policy. This policy requires all students, employees, and volunteers participating in Illinois State University sponsored programs/activities to participate in a training and have a background check. This policy will also be applicable for your partnership with Illinois State if it will involve working with minors.

It is understood that many community organizations may also require all volunteers to have a background check. Please note, however, that Illinois State University requires its own background check regardless of the partnering organization's requirements.

ISU Mandatory Reporting

Faculty, staff, volunteers, and students at Illinois State University are obligated to report suspected acts of child abuse and neglect under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA) and report certain crimes/incidents as required by state and federal law. This mandatory reporting is not restricted to campus and will apply if employees are at partnering organizations.

All University personnel (including student employees) are required to complete Mandatory Reporting Training upon hire, as well as annually during the month of October.