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Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement

By the Numbers…

The application consisted of nearly 300 individual questions:

  • 48 yes/no questions
  • 9 short answer questions
  • 6 multiple selection questions involving narrative responses for each selection
  • 62 total narrative responses limited to 500 words each
  • A section highlighting 15 campus-community partnerships. Each partnership description included
    • 8 short answer questions
    • 3 narrative responses

Overall, nearly 300 individuals were involved in total outreach for the application, including:

  • 8 total task force members (see below)
  • 7 college liaisons
  • 15 community partner organizations

Nationally, 359 institutions now hold this designation.

  • 119 received the classification in this cycle
  • Illinois State was one of 44 first-time applicants to receive the designation
  • 11 institutions in Illinois now hold the designation

Carnegie Elective Classification Task force Members:

  • Christine Bruckner—Center for Civic Engagement
  • Janet Paterson—Center for Civic Engagement
  • Erin Thomas—Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Cheryl Fogler—Planning, Research, and Policy Analysis
  • Katie Pratt—University College
  • James Applegate—Center for the Study of Education Policy
  • Missy Nergard—Office of Sustainability (through summer 2018)
  • Chad Kahl—Milner Library (beginning fall 2018)

Application Timeline

  • Application review and planning process began within the Center for Civic Engagement in fall 2017
  • 2020 framework questions released by the Carnegie Foundation in January 2018
  • Task force and college liaisons convened and began work in spring 2018
  • Data collected in the 2018 calendar year
  • Application submitted in April 2019
  • Public announcement of classification in January 2020